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Commercial tires for trucks and buses
  • High levels of traction and durability
  • Innovative tread designs reduce fuel use
  • Tire options for every position

Falken engineers radial drive, steer, trailer, and all position tires for buses, long haul trucks, and regional haul trucks. With models designed for both on and off highway use, Falken commercial tires utilize the latest tread, sidewall, casing, and puncture resistance technology to help you cut down on fleet costs and ensure you limit truck downtime as much as possible.

Falken tires are built to last
Falken truck tires are designed to deliver low rolling resistance, excellent fuel efficiency, and long service lives. Their all position tires incorporate rounded shoulder profiles to combat side force wear and unique tread designs to deliver even wear across the surface of the tire. Robust curb guards on their pick up and delivery drive tire models protect your tire casing from cuts, scrapes, and other damage typical of city driving. All of their tires feature low rolling resistance tread compounds to optimize fuel use.

SmartWay verified
Multiple Falken tire models are EPA SmartWay verified, including the RI130 ECORUN, RI150 ECORUN, BI830, and RI119 ECORUN. This verification means these tires meet the SmartWay program's strict criteria for low rolling resistance, helping to reduce fuel consumption, lowering fleet operating costs, and benefiting the environment.

Falken tire models
All position
RI120 – Ideal for both steer and trailer tire positions, the RI120 has a rounded shoulder profile and unique tread design that combat the side force wear produced in spread axle configurations.
RI150 – The RI150 incorporates stone drilling prevention technology to protect the tire from casing damage, and a tread profile widens its stance for improved weight distribution, longer tread life, and even wear.
RI150 ECORUN – SmartWay verified, the RI150 ECORUN has the same tread and casing protection features as the RI150 while providing even lower rolling resistance and better fuel economy.
RI151 – The RI151's wide tread surface provides a stable drive, while its innovative tread compound increases mileage capability and minimizes tire maintenance.
RI191 – Equipped with a durable tread compound, the RI191 delivery truck tire is built to withstand the harsh rapid wear conditions of city streets. Plus, its casing is optimized for retreadability to reduce fleet costs.

Drive position
BI830 ECORUN – SmartWay verified, the BI830 ECORUN tire utilizes a high traction tread design to perform in wet weather conditions and has a wider tread stance for low wear and long mileage capability.
BI850 – An aggressive, wide, open shoulder tread design makes the BI850 suitable for both on and off highway applications, especially those requiring high levels of traction.
BI830 – Perfect for both regional and haul drives, the BI830's stress dispersion system spreads strain across the tire surface for even wear and its center block design optimizes traction in slippery conditions.
BI877 – With a robust curb guard that protects the casing from damage caused by impacts typical of city driving, the BI877 is an excellent option for daily pick up and delivery applications.

On/Off road
GI388 – Engineered for waste haulers, sanitation vehicles, and other heavy load applications, the GI388 is equipped with casing protection, long mileage capability, and cut and chip resistance.
CI637 – With a deep 32/32 inch tread depth that provides long tread life and excellent traction, the CI637 works well both on and off highway supporting extra heavy loads common on logging and mining jobs.
CI627 – The CI627's aggressive lug tread design grips muddy or snowy ground on off road jobs, while its cut and chip resistant tread compound prevents punctures.
GI378 – The GI378 delivers an exceptional balance of on road stability and off road traction. Wide outer ribs provide stability under heavy loads and stone defense features prevent punctures in the casing.
GI368 – With a wide base and open shoulder design, coupled with casing protection, the GI368 provides the traction and puncture resistance needed for tough off road conditions.

RI119 ECORUN – Loaded with features not usually seen in trailer position tires, the RI119 cut resistant tread compound and four steel belts help prevent cuts, chips, and irregular wear.

RI130 ECORUN – Designed for long haul, highway driving, the RI130 ECORUN is equipped with an all new tread compound engineered to provide more mileage without compromising fuel efficiency.


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