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Don't worry about flat tires again
• Prevent tire deflation due to punctures
• Our process is quick and reliable
• Available for all types of pneumatic OTR tires

Our tire foam filling process consists of injecting a lightweight urethane liquid into your equipment tires that will fill them completely when foamed. Tire foam filling maintains the flexibility, shock absorption, and easy movement of pneumatic tires while keeping them from going flat. This process is ideal for off the road tires that operate in tough environments where punctures are common like construction sites, mining operations, waste transfer and recycling facilities, forests, and farms.

How OTR tire foam filling works
Foam filling works by pouring the urethane liquid through the valve stem hole or through a hole that a Tredroc technician drills in your tire sidewall. The liquid then usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to completely harden. Once hard, the liquid forms a foam that makes your OTR tires resistant to punctures and deflation. Tire foam filling prevents downtime due to flat tires, greatly reducing your maintenance costs and keeping your machines on the job.

TyrFil tire foam fill
At Tredroc, our OTR tire foam filling process uses TyrFil, the most reliable and effective tire flatproofing technology on the market. TyrFil allows construction and industrial equipment to operate over broken glass, nails, metal, rocks, and other sharp materials without worrying about flat tires.