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Tredroc’s parent company, Antioch Tire Inc., was founded in 1977 by John Lavelle with the mission to bring the Midwest the absolute best tire service imaginable. For years Tredroc continued to grow adding to their sales force, service fleet, and increasing their coverage across the region. Then in 2001 ATI acquired the OTR Brokers of Crystal Lake and with that added 5 commercial service centers. Just two short years later ATI continued to expand adding Schrader Tire, now Steel City Tire, in Hammond Indiana near the steel mills. Shortly after this ATI embarked on a joint venture with CBA and established Quad City Tire in Davenport, Iowa. Antioch Tire Inc. was forging on, and becoming one of the premier players in the commercial and OTR tire industry. 

However, it wasn’t until the later part of the decade that Tredroc began to take the shape that it currently is today. In 2007 ATI acquired Chicago Bandag and along with it Emergency Breakdown Services and the remaining shares of Quad City Tire. With this acquisition Tredroc Tire Services was officially born. Not long thereafter the newly formed Tredroc Tire Services formed a partnership with Belle Tire in Michigan operating under Belleroc Commercial. Then in October of 2016 Tredroc merged with Belle Tire's commercial division forming a new company operating entirely under the Tredroc name, guided by Chairman of the Board Don Barnes and Vice Chairman John Lavelle Sr. 

Now, headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL. with locations in six states, Tredroc continues to grow and follow the path John Lavelle set out on in 1977, and we will continue to follow that path; expanding our footprint while continuing to deliver the best commercial and OTR tire service available