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Improve the look and performance of your fleet
  • Reduce the chance of wheel failure
  • Eliminate corrosion that can cause air leaks
  • We return your wheels to like-new condition

Wheels are crucial to the safety and performance of commercial vehicles. Cracks, corrosion, worn lug holes, and defects in the flanges or beads are all problems that can lead to tire failure. Tredroc rim refinishing services reduce the chances of a blowout, help avoid air loss due to broken beads, provide a longer rim life, and ensure your fleet has a professional appearance.

When to refinish your tire rims
Because rim refinishing is a critical part of maintaining vehicle performance, it's important to inspect your wheels regularly for signs of wear or damage. If you notice any rust, rubber, or debris at or in the bead seat, more than 3mm of powder, paint, or debris around the bolt area, or more than 20% rust on the rim, then it's time for Tredroc rim refinishing services.

Our commercial rim refinishing process
Rim refinishing starts with cleaning your rims so any damage or irregularities are easier to spot. We remove all the rust, corrosion, and grime, and then inspect and assess the condition of your wheels, checking for cracks, rust, worn bolt holes, and defects in the flanges or beads. Our technicians then determine any critical issues and repair them before they cause your vehicle further problems. Lastly, a powder coat is applied to your wheels, which are then cured in an oven to improve rust resistance.