Specialty Products


Specialty Products

Tredroc offers a broad spectrum of specialty and niche products to our customers, which includes the following: 

Specialty tires – Today, many vehicles that need specialty tires tend to be very application specific. We offer a wide variety of press on industrial, bobcat, skid-steer, forklift tires, and more. We strive to provide the best tire for the application specific to your operation to extend tire life, prevent flats, and increase overall machine productivity. 

Rubber Tracks – Tredroc offers Trelleborg, Solideal, and Bridgestone amongst other rubber tracks in all sizes for both dedicated rubber tracks as well as over-the-tire rubber tracks. We also service and rehab many different types of rubber tracks.

Tire Chains – Everyone knows how costly tire chain installation and maintenance can be. That’s why we’ve partnered with Pewag, one of the most reputable tire chain companies in the industry, to help deliver, install, maintain, and repair your tire chains in a timely cost efficient manner.

Tire Life – Tredroc firmly believes in the benefits of Tire Life for both OTR and commercial tires. Tire Life can increase a tire’s retreadability by minimizing damage to vital areas of the tire such as bead seats and valve grommets. It also goes a long way in reducing existing repair and wheel damage. Any one of our consultants will gladly elaborate on the above benefits and more if you are interested in increasing tire longevity in your fleet through the use of Tire Life.

We offer a complete list of products from our manufacturers

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