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Catch issues before they become big problems
  • Comprehensive inspection by trained tire experts
  • Available for commercial and OTR tires

Flat or blown out tires are a leading cause of commercial truck and OTR equipment downtime. To keep your trucks on the road, machines on the job, and to minimize your costs, our inspection includes checking the tread on your tires for uneven wear, along with sidewall surfaces and air pressure, looking for cuts, cracks, or other damage. We also ensure there are no irregularities with your rims or wheels that might cause you problems on the road.

Using the Bridgestone Toolbox for tire inspections

Developed by Bridgestone, Toolbox is a next generation digital tire assessment and tracking platform for truck and bus tires. Using the platform, a Tredroc rep scans and documents every tire to provide you with actionable insights and real time data about your fleet's tires. The Bridgestone Toolbox helps you understand what needs to be repaired or replaced after a Tredroc tire inspection.

Tredroc tire inspection contracts

Reduce fleet operating costs, fuel use, and downtime caused by blown tires with Tredroc's preventive maintenance contracts. We'll visit your facility on a regular basis to inspect all the tires in your fleet, ensure they are properly inflated, and suggest any necessary repairs. Our reps will come out at regular intervals for inspections, whether you have a single truck or an entire fleet.

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