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The toughest OTR tires
  • Tires for a wide variety of machines and vehicles
  • LSW tire technology greatly stabilizes
    equipment under heavy loads

Titan International engineers, tests, and manufactures off the road tires to be highly durable and long lasting for the farming, construction, mining, and forestry industries. They offer full lines of both bias and radial OTR tires that can withstand the harshest work environments, reducing your downtime and ensuring a large return on your investment for each tire you buy.

The Titan OTR tires we offer
To support your farming, construction, forestry, and mining operations, we offer Titan International tires tailored to each industry.

  • Farming equipment tires— developed for tractors, seeders, and other machines of all sizes, Titan agricultural tires have tread designs for all types of soil and terrain and provide excellent traction.
  • Construction equipment tires— Titan radial and bias construction machine tires deliver unmatched stability, boast excellent tread wear, and are designed for severe environments.
  • Forestry equipment tires— forestry tires are designed to help logging machines handle steep terrain, muddy soil, and brush and fallen trees. Thick ply tires reduce the chance of cracking, punctures, and sidewall separation.
  • Mining equipment tires— designed for flotation and high levels of traction, Titan mining tires have deep tread designs to provide long service lives and are cut and puncture resistant. Available for haul trucks, loaders, and articulated dump trucks.

Titan tires incorporate the latest technology
Titan International's LOW SIDEWALL TECHNOLOGY™ helps equipment operators unlock greater productivity while completing some of the most difficult jobs in tough environments. This innovative technology features smaller sidewalls and larger rim diameters to provide more stability, a smoother ride, improved handling, and less material spillage than traditionally designed tires.


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