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Wheel Alignments

At Tredroc we know that proper wheel alignment is a critical component of any fleet maintenance program. Proper wheel alignment means involves the correct adjustment of 3 key angles:

Toe - described as tires pointing straight forward
Caster - the pivot of the tire forward or backward
Camber - the tilt of the top of the tire in or out

If any of these angles are incorrectly aligned it can greatly accelerate abnormal tire wear, reduce tire life, generate poor handling, and reduce fuel economy. At Tredroc we offer fast, quality service by factory trained technicians. If you want to extend the life of your tires, maximize your fuel economy, and have an overall smoother ride for your truck schedule an alignment appointment with Tredroc today!

Alignments are currently being offered at the following locations:
Elk Grove - 847.956.3600
Byron Center - 616.281.9800
West Chicago - 630.231.5507
For more info check out MD Alignment's video on the Protrak Laser Alignment system